Let Your Joy Be Your Compass

Today I want to speak to you about JOY! Unspeakable JOY. Jack Canefield said “let joy be your compass” and that changed the game for me!

I had to examine just WHAT I was allowing to be my compass.

  • Need to?

  • Ought to?

  • Fear doubt?

  • What other people thought?

It is so easy to get caught up in that mindset, that it takes moment to moment awareness to overcome it.

I quickly realised that JOY had not been the captain of my ship and I was excited to be aware of it, and have opertunity to work on it!

Lets look at the definition of Joy:

"A feeling of great pleasure and happiness". Pleasure being the KEY word for me.

So how important is JOY or pleasure in your own life? Let me also clarify that I am NOT speaking of selfish over-indulging... I mean like gifting yourself a day at the beach to be quiet in your spirit, or re-visiting a career or creative dream you’ve always wanted to pursue without judgement!

For example: I recently cut my nails down so that I can sing and write again. And purposely omitted it out of my life years ago, because I judged myself and said I that I am too old, and I needed to get serious about life and put this dream aside, and start a business.

And yes, consequently I got real serious, opened a very successful business at the cost of lots my joy and pleasure! To make a long story short, recently, I decided to spend many days on the beach hearing and delighting in God as he reintroduced the true essence of pleasure in my life. Moreover, God is working within me to create a business that brings me JOY as well as JOY to others!!

It has been and still is a long journey. Reminding myself to be grateful in rough times, remembering to protect my JOY from things that I tend to let have it. But overall, I find pleasure in serving woman, music and slowing down and doing less. This allows me to find the pleasure in all areas of my life. My life is my life is more abundant than ever!

I am going to do a 5 weeks series in JOY with you!

Over the next 5 weeks I invite you to participate in this series with me.

We will cover all of what I call the BIG 5 areas.

  1. Relationship

  2. Money

  3. Career calling