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Little changes will take care of big issues...

 Your LIFE...

Our experiences confirm our beliefs.  There is nothing we experience that we do not create, promote, or allow. That said, every moment and every experience is perfectly orchestrated for your evolution. . 

Today's limiting belief was yesterday's solution. I am here to help you see your desired state and gently guide you to your best self and best decisions.  

Your HEALTH...

End yo-yo dieting and in the gym-out the gym lifestyle, and take control life your health in any state of life that you find yourself in. Get ready for transformation, habit change, weight loss more, energy and body confidence.  Finally find out what is stopping you slowing you down are getting in the way of the body and lifestyle that you want!


3 Options For Success and Wellness Coaching

Single Discovery Session

Let's have a curious and vulnerable conversation dedicated to your feelings, thoughts, sensations, worries, hopes, dreams and achievements. Let's discover the ONE STRONGEST belief that's holding you back, and RE-CLAIM the place that you so DESIRE to be. 



Amount Credited Towards Jumpstart &

90 Day 

28 Day Jump Start

Now that we have Discovered what you want and what's holding you back, let's take a few small but POWERFUL steps towards taking control of your life, stepping to the WOMAN that you've began to awaken and introduce to the world.



Payment Plans Available

90 Day Transformatiom

Fully Transform into your TRUE essence. Let the world SEE you, and allow yourself to feel how it is to finally BE you. This will take an enormous amount of courage; accessing every fibre of your mind, body and spirit, but the payoff is PRICELESS. I will be with you every step of the Journey!



Payment Plans Available

Jennifer A, Mobile, AL

After my Discovery Session, I felt better putting into words how I feel, and what I knew inside but didn't want to admit aloud. The admission of my fears and limiting actions and inactions was both frightening and freeing at the same time. Being vulnerable is hard, but Jacinda made me feel relaxed at opening up. I am eager to see what I've become in 90 days as I cross my own river of doubts and learn to dream again.

Jenelle J. Dallas Tx

My Life and Success Coaching sessions with Jacinda  went from blockage to breakthrough to being. I had been struggling with an issue finding my soul mate & she took me through a series of engaging questions which led me to having a breakthrough. I am no longer stuck! I now understand exactly what I want. No need to limit myself, I can can have the life, business and soulmate that I want...I can have it all! You ROCK Jacinda!

Alana D., Mobile Al

I joined the 28 day Jump-Start because I am on a journey to become a National Board Certified Teacher. This requires a lot of me and I felt like I needed to be the best "me"that I could possibly be! I needed energy, stamina, focus, and to be delivered from "stress"eating. I tried the points method, which only increased my "stress" eating.


From the initial phone call, Jacinda has helped me focus on the reason for my habits and lack of being where I wanted to be. The Zoom calls and meetings were motivational.

Since this experience, I have learned to make much better food choices and have more self control. For example, I don't grab the largest bag of M&M''s in Walmart and inhale them in one episode of Grey's Anatomy. I choose grapes instead. I like the fact that I actually feel full and am not limited to a shake, smoothie, etc. I like having something to chew! I lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks and I am just healthier now.

 I would recommend Jacinda to any one who needed a little guidance to a more healthy life!

Jacqueline, Fairhope Al

Back in September of this year Jacinda Haines introduced me to The Cleanse and the 28 Day Jump Start. For the last nine years I have been on a health YoYo, I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 33 years and every complication that comes with it. Kidney Disease, Thyroid Disease, Heart Disease (triple bypass in 2011, I was recently told I would have to have a heart transplant only too find out from the Cleveland Clinic that my heart grew new arteries, so no transplant EVER), Charcot arthritis (in my foot which causes it to break often), Neuropathy, Gastroparesis, Retinopathy (which left me blind in right eye), Arthritis in my lower spine, Fibromyalgia and my most recent diagnosis in May of this year Lupus and last but not least 50 extra pounds over the last 9 years. So why have I told you all this TMI information? lol To tell you this. On October 5th of this year I started the cleanse, after 3 weeks of studying and getting all my foods stocked up. Within 1 week my Endocrinoligist had to decrease my insulin by 45%, my pain is decreasing. So much in my lower spine that I had to cancel my nerve ablation for severe pain. Currently I have NO pain in my lower spine. I've lost 18 pounds, after years of trying EVERYTHING on the market. I feel so much better after years of decline. Yes the cleanse is overwhelming at first, but once you start, it gets easier and easier. This has been a life saving change for me. It wows me to see how foods are killing us. I finally feel that I can live a normal life. Thank you Jacinda!!! What you are doing is a God giving gift. He sent you to me and I know that you can change so many lives. Rock on Sister!!! ❤️ P.S. you have a sweet family. The Studio She  Group

Michelle W., Mobile AL

I did the cleanse and the 28 Day Jumpstart with Jacinda. Not only did the cleanse help me loose the craving for sugar, quit over eating, step my workouts up a level, but it empowered me!!!!!  I have lost 10 pounds and several inches but most importantly I have fallen in love with myself! Food and negative thoughts didn't run my days anymore. I did not feel deprived of food. I chose to eat better foods and feel how my body appreciated that. It also helped me plan ahead. This is just the beginning and I am so excited  to see what my future now holds for me!

Karen T., Atlanta, Ga

It was a pleasure speaking with Jacinda. After our conversation I was eager to have guidance on transforming into a higher version of myself. It is just as important to be mentally healthy as it is physically. I feel that Total Transformation is a PERFECT combination!!! It is relieving to know that I don't have to be afraid of seeking help during tough times and that there resources out there that can help pull me through. I look forward to discovering what opportunities and adventures await for me on my journey of finding more freedom, peace, and happiness. Thank you for being willing and giving of yourself to cheer me on!!!

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