1 way to eat cleaner & is it really more expensive?

When I speak to most women who want to transition into a healthy lifestyle, one harmonious belief is that it is too expensive. This is truly a relative statement based on one’s values, and my goal as a health coach is to help you to prioritize your health and bust that myth! Eating healthy can be most intimidating when you don’t know how, and moreover when you don't fully understand the benefits of the making the transition. For instance, when I started back getting my nails done again, I had to figure out what style manicure to get, I had the choice of getting Gel nails, classic polish or SNS nails. Classic Polish and Gel Nails are cheaper on the front end, but more expensive on the back en

If Only Health Were Contagious

Firstly, start the video at about 4 mins to get past me playing around LOL.... I heard a good word from Joyce Meyer the other day and she spoke about how Holiness is Not Contagious, but Un-holiness is. Those of you who are interested in this scripture reading, here is the reference: Haggai 2:11 But she began to relate it to health and I thought it was interesting and true. Basically, If I cough and sneeze, you are likely to catch my Flu and get sick. However, if I eat healthy and live a balanced lifestyle, you can't catch that. It is a choice that you have to make! I thought this was BRILLIANT, so I did a Face book live about it and wanted to drop you a few lines to encourage you to CHOOSE h

Hey Girlfriend, are you a Perfectionist?

Of the many things women are up against, one of them is surely PERFECTIONISM. It is a great trait because of its intention, but it has been in my spirit to speak on this since this past Sunday. God put it in my spirit that he wants me to set standards rather than aim for perfection; and to share this message with you. Quick Story Last night, we had to take our son to the ER. He had an unexpected allergic reaction to Sunflower seeds - BUT, He is OK! Moreover, it is Wednesday and this was the week that I had planned to KILL-IT in business, home, life, self care...you name it! I was going to be on top of it! Well so far this week, it hasn't gone that way. Labor Day was spent at my parents whic

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