5 Reasons why most diets fail

Want to know 5 reasons (most) diets fail? Jacinda Haines here to let you know that research shows that regular dieting is a waste of time and energy. Don’t believe me? Read on to find out why… Why am I dissing on dieting? According to Dr. Mark Hyman, functional medicine doctor, Director of the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine and New York Times bestselling author of “Ultra-metabolism” and “Ultrawellness” most diets predictably fail because of 5 reasons... You try to exercise your willpower to control your appetite instead of understanding there is a science behind hunger Your focus is too much on counting calories Your diet consists of all low-fat foods Your weight is actually

Freedom in your authenticity - Happy MLK Day!

Things happen in life that can quickly mute our voices, put out our fires, and dim our lights. It can be mental or physical abuse, missed opportunities, someone telling us that we are not enough, weight gain or losing a support system that we deem as vital to our being. These instances can unfortunately put us on an often dark journey to simply attempt to find our way back to the happiness, knowingness and pure innocence of our authentic and true selves, where our personal power lives. We began to ask, what have I become? Who am I ? We began to feel limited, powerless and unworthy. We began to build a rapport with ourselves that is far from the truth of who we are, which becomes difficult t

How to stop being so hard on yourself

Hard work work pays off. Nothing good comes easy. Hustle hard. Those are the stations that are programmed into our heads. And yes, I cannot deny that 'things" are produced with hard work, but where do we draw the line? At the point that our health is affected, or our spouses and children feel abandoned, or that our energy is so low that we binge on caffeine and sugar, then can't sleep as a result of it. Jeeez, it stresses me out just thinking about it! I have always been in love with work and production of ideas. Maybe because I have often followed my heart with my pursuits. But, soon after following my heart, I habitually began to incorporate my mind into the process and this is where the

Want to learn to eat Mindfully?

Jacinda Haines here to help you learn what mindful eating is all about and how it can help you keep your weight down. But first, why am I talking about eating mindfully anyway? Good question! In the modern world we eat for convenience rather than for nutrition. We eat for instant gratification rather than long-term health benefits. Can you imagine learning a new way of slow eating in which you actually get to experience the tastes and textures of your food rather than wolfing it down in a hurry or snacking on the go? I can help you to learn to slow down and eat mindfully! I can help you to see the food you eat as medicine that not only nourishes your whole system, but also tastes delicious!

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