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Welcome to The SHE Experience!

Welcome! I'm Jacinda H. Norwood, creator of The She Experience;  a creative, spiritual and physical platform for women to be, believe in and embody there greatness. The SHE experience is the evolution of my former Pole & Aerial Franchise, Detour Fitness Studios.

For more than a decade, I was fortunate to serve women's physical needs through vertical fitness, dance and personal training.  But, there was deeper place that I wanted to go, and more that women needed. 


After Franchising and selling the Detour Brand, I studied for 2 years obtaining a Mastery Holistic Health & Life Coaching Certification. Consequently, the art of Pole Dance as a Healing Technique along with Transformation Coaching for women was birth.

Now the pole is used for freedom, fun and empowerment. It is a symbol of stripping away what hinders. The mirrors have been removed to teach you how to feel confident, rather than look confident. Hebrews 12:1  Sensual movement is now an opportunity for you to slow down and examine yourself. 

We also offer more empowering and transformative services to women and teens girls many creative and fun and experiential methods!