Hello,! I'm Jacinda. I help


LOVE themselves again

So they can....

who have lost their CONFIDENCE


MASTER their Physical & Emotional Health...

RELAUNCH their Dreams...


RECLAIM their Body Confidence. 


We use Sensual Movement, Sensual Eating and Sensual Living techniques to Master the art of being a successful and confident woman. We offer classes, coaching, and online courses for women to have the Body, Careers and Confidence of her highest self.


What's in the Course:


The key to a balanced and healthy lifestyle, is MINDFULNESS. Learn to eat and workout sensually, creating the mental space to know & master your body on a more personal level.



You may have forgotten about your dreams, goals and pioneering ideas, but they have NOT forgotten about you my

friend! This course will allow you to acknowledge and become one with the part of you responsible for PURPOSE and POWER, will less hustle and more flow!


Sex-Appeal is simply attraction aquired through confidence. This has everything to do with WHO you are being, rather that HOW your look or WHAT your'e doing. After taking this course, you will move with a natural sex-appeal of balance, tranquility and effortlessness: a confidence that absolutely no-one can resist!



Our Signature Online Course 


Balance Your Health, Launch Your Dreams, & Reclaim Your Body Confidence in 90 Days

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1 on 1 Health and Life Coaching 

There is something you want, that you KNOW you should have, but there is something holding you back. You just can't put a finger on it!

Well there is nothing that fulfills me more than to see a woman conquer her fears and have what she deserves in in life.


  • The Right System

  • The Right Support

  • The Right Steps in the Right Order

....You will WIN. You can tap into the life, health and emotional confidence that exist inside of you. You just may need a 90 day nudge!!!

So let's book a call, uncover a few things, then set a plan....

Let's Go...



This is an 8 hours Day, dedicated to you! Experience extensive self-care, intense belief-work, confidence and health coaching tailored to your immediate emotional and physical needs. This VIP Retreat is like and emergency healing day designed for a personal BREAK- THROUGH! 


Gather up to 10 of you friends, learn some pole & chair moves, and strip away the limiting beliefs that no longer serve you!

Leave not only feeling sexier, but more empowered and in touch with your BEST SELF!


Teaching pole for 13 years, I found that how a woman shows up on the pole is how she shows up in life. Pole Empowerment Classes are the FAST TRACK method to learning pole, lose weight, and build muscle; with the added benefit of coaching to strip away your limiting belief so that you can reach your highest potential as a woman. 



Classes, Pole Parties & VIP Retreats  


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Jennifer A, Mobile, AL

After my Discovery Session, I felt better putting into words how I feel, and what I knew inside but didn't want to admit aloud. The admission of my fears and limiting actions and inactions was both frightening and freeing at the same time. Being vulnerable is hard, but Jacinda made me feel relaxed at opening up. I am eager to see what I've become in 90 days as I cross my own river of doubts and learn to dream again.


Jenelle J. Dallas Tx

My Life and Success Coaching sessions with Jacinda  went from blockage to breakthrough to being. I had been struggling with an issue finding my soul mate & she took me through a series of engaging questions which led me to having a breakthrough. I am no longer stuck! I now understand exactly what I want. No need to limit myself, I can can have the life, business and soulmate that I want...I can have it all! You ROCK Jacinda!


Alana D., Mobile Al

From the initial phone call, Jacinda has helped me focus on the reason for my habits and lack of being where I wanted to be. The Zoom calls and meetings were motivational.

Since this experience, I have learned to make much better food choices and have more self control. I lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks and I am just healthier now.

I would recommend Jacinda to any one who needed a little guidance to a more healthy life!


Jacqueline, Fairhope Al

October 5th of this year I started the cleanse, after 3 weeks of studying and getting all my foods stocked up. Within 1 week my Endocrinoligist had to decrease my insulin by 45%, my pain is decreasing. So much in my lower spine that I had to cancel my nerve ablation for severe pain. Currently I have NO pain in my lower spine. I've lost 18 pounds, after years of trying EVERYTHING on the market. I feel so much better after years of decline. Thank you Jacinda!!! Rock on Sister!!! ❤️ P.S. you have a sweet family. The Studio She  Group


Michelle W., Mobile AL

I did the cleanse and the 28 Day Jumpstart with Jacinda. Not only did the cleanse help me loose the craving for sugar, quit over eating, step my workouts up a level, but it empowered me!!!!!  I have lost 10 pounds and several inches but most importantly I have fallen in love with myself! Food and negative thoughts didn't run my days anymore. I did not feel deprived of food. I chose to eat better foods and feel how my body appreciated that. It also helped me plan ahead. This is just the beginning and I am so excited  to see what my future now holds for me!


Karen T., Atlanta, Ga

It was a pleasure speaking with Jacinda. After our conversation I was eager to have guidance on transforming into a higher version of myself. It is just as important to be mentally healthy as it is physically. I feel that Total Transformation is a PERFECT combination!!! It is relieving to know that I don't have to be afraid of seeking help during tough times and that there resources out there that can help pull me through. I look forward to discovering what opportunities and adventures await for me on my journey of finding more freedom, peace, and happiness. Thank you for being willing and giving of yourself to cheer me on!!!

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Meet Jacinda


Mastery Life & Health Coach

Mastery TCM Health & Life Coach 

Health Coach Institiute


Pole Instructor  & Studio Owner

Owner of Studio She

Formally Detour Fitness Studios since 2009

Figure Model

NPC Figure Fitness Competitor


Personal Trainer

NASM Certified Personal Trainer since 2007


Devoted Mom to loving son "CJ"



Devoted Wife to Husband Randall

My Manifesto

"She is clothed in strength and dignity and she laughs at the days to come" Proverbs 31:25

I am Jacinda I live in Mobile, Al. I am a Wife and Mother, in my 40's, of Christian Faith, Fitness Studio Owner and Wellness Coach. I have a unique perspective because I previously successfully created and Franchised the first Female Blacked owned Fitness and Pole Studio in Mobile Al, successfully raised my son as a single parent for 4 years prior to being blessed with marriage, and started a life changing women’s ministry and Coaching Business. I have also lived in a all of the major cites in the US: Los Angeles, NYC, Miami Beach, ATL and Dallas Tx!


The top questions people would have for me are:

  • How do I lose weight and keep it off...  

  • What does it take to open and grow successful business, and the funniest question ...

  • Can you teach me how to work the pole!


Most people don’t know that I’m also interested in producing docu-series and short video content, singing, songwriting, and watching film noir! And I have actually sang background for Beyonce Knowles herself!


I’m determined to show up as the best version of myself because God has given me the grace and confidence to successfully go after everything that I have ever wanted, and I want the same for other women. 


Secondly, I get totally emerged in the creative process of designing new things for my business and ministry, supporting my husband and son, and my work as a coach gives me the freedom to continue to successfully do this. 


And most importantly, I want people to know the true nature of Christ, and how He simply wants us to be ourselves, be loved, be empowered and experience complete joy! I want women who feel lost, to know the freedom and adventure in life by giving it all to him. 


This is what keeps me focused on my goals!


Book A Discovery Call to find out what's stopping you, slowing you down, or getting in the way of you having what you want.

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